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With time comes wisdom

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Years of service: Almost 38 years – 26 years with the Tempe Police Department beginning on September 10, 1973, with assignments in patrol, investigations, community relations, traffic, crime prevention, and ultimately back to patrol, where I retired in December 1999.  I continued my career serving as chief of police with the Tolleson Police Department beginning on December 10, 1999 to the present time.

Honors: The most significant honor continues to be serving as the chief of police in my hometown. After all, this is where I learned the family and social values that shaped my character and helped forge my successful career.

Duties: As the chief law enforcement officer in the city of Tolleson, I establish the direction and mission of the entire police department and lead the department personnel toward accomplishing our goals and objectives that will provide the best possible law enforcement services to our community and visitors.

Personal: Married to Francine 62 years. 1996 graduate, Arizona State University. I have three children: Laura, Victoria and Adam.

Proudest moment: Having my parents present to witness as I took the oath of office to serve as the police chief for their city.

Philosophy: Doing something yourself and learning from getting your hands dirty is the best way to gain experience in anything you may do.

Balancing service and family: This is perhaps the biggest obstacle facing anyone in their career field.  Make sure to refocus the same enthusiasm toward life as you do your career, and make quality time to enjoy your spouse, your kids, your family … your life.  Keep in mind, you will not always have your career, but you will always have your family.

Greatest satisfaction of serving: Knowing that I have always done the right thing for the right reason.

Next professional goal: Continuing to find ways to improve how we can deliver service in the most efficient manner.

In closing: Remember that serving is a privilege that is bestowed upon those who understand the importance of doing something for a greater good.

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