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Years of service: Started as a detention officer for one year; have been a patrol officer for three years.

Duties: First responder for calls for service for the city of Scottsdale. Typical calls can be anything from an accident, a disabled vehicle or a violent crime scene.

What made you decide to pursue this career? I started working in the criminal justice system because I was considering going to law school to become an attorney. I found working in detention to be very exciting, and was later given the opportunity to promote to a patrol officer.

Inherent dangers you face: Each day is filled with unknown challenges. The very nature of police work puts you in many situations that, if not handled carefully, can become very dangerous.

My proudest moment is … graduating the Police Academy. I put a lot of hard work into studying and exercising, and in the end it paid off.

Personal triumph: When I first went into the Detention Academy I couldn’t do a single pushup. When I graduated the Police Academy a year and a half later, I could do 50 pushups in one minute.

Who is your hero? My older sister Nydia. She is raising three beautiful children on her own and is still finding the energy to go back to school.

What do you like most about police work? I like that every day is different. The most rewarding experiences, though, are when I’m given the opportunity to help somebody truly in need.

What’s the downside to police work? Sometimes it’s difficult to have to listen to criticisms from those outside of police work.

Balancing service and personal lifecan be difficult. Some of my best friends are my coworkers, so that makes it easier.

Next professional goal: To explore other areas of police work, but I haven’t decided what I’d like to focus on yet.

I release tension by … taking my dog out for a long run.

If not police work, then … I’d probably be stuck in a cubicle somewhere putting the wrong cover letter on my TPS report. After working as a patrol officer for the last three years, I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Wise words: Don’t drink and drive, and beware of stranger danger.

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