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To serve and protect with Kaos

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Photo courtesy of Glendale Police Department

Years of service: I have been a police officer for 15 years. I started my law enforcement career with the Youngtown Police Department in Youngtown, Arizona, where I was hired on as a 911 call dispatcher. In May of 1996, I graduated the police academy and started my career as a police officer with the Youngtown Police Department. I made my move to the Glendale Police Department in June of 1998, where I continued furthering my law enforcement knowledge. In May of 2008, I was assigned to the K-9 Unit.

Typical day: As a K-9 handler, I utilize my canine partner to assist officers with apprehending criminal offenders; to provide protection to officers and citizens, and to assist with narcotic detection.

On any given day, I might respond to a felony in progress call; assist patrol officers with searching a large building or area after a burglary; assist with tracking/searching for a suspect; assist with high-risk traffic stops; assist with warrant apprehensions; deploy with SWAT and/or assist officers with a narcotic sniff of a vehicle or building.

Inherent dangers you face: Over the last 15 years, I have responded to many types of calls for service. Most of the time, it is responding to crimes in progress, which definitely carry a risk, as you respond to the unknown. As a certified police K-9 handler, calls to service carry an added risk, since my canine partner and I are often called to search for fleeing felons, often violent, who have just committed a violent crime. 

Why did you decide to become a police officer? As a child growing up, I always dreamed of becoming a police officer. I would have to say that I continued with this dream because of the positive interaction I had with police officers in my community. I later decided to continue my career as a K-9 officer, because of my love for animals.

Proudest moment: When I graduated the K-9 Academy with my canine partner Kaos.

On-the-job lesson: Be professional and respectful to everyone you meet.

Greatest satisfaction of serving: As a K-9 officer, it is when my canine partner and I have successfully apprehended a violent offender so they can no longer victimize anyone. 

Next career move: My goal at this time is to remain within the K-9 Unit, working with a great team of officers and alongside my canine partner Kaos.

Final word: There is nothing more rewarding than knowing you help make a positive impact in the city, county, state and country you live in. 

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