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The making of a detective

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Photo courtesy of Scottsdale Police Department

Years of service: Two years and 10 months.

Duties: I respond to emergency and non-emergency calls that are unique and require a wide array of tasks, from taking phone reports and checking on residential alarms to tending to collisions, family disturbances and handling burglaries in progress.

Inherent dangers you face: I will preface my comments by saying that no work week or shift is routine. Every shift is different and poses new challenges that incorporate many unknown factors and circumstances. Most people know the inherent dangers officers face on a daily basis; it is our responsibility to be mentally and physically prepared to answer the calls of duty without hesitation.

Proudest moment: Graduating from the police academy is my proudest moment. It took dedication, commitment and four months of hard work. 

On the job lessons: I believe that there are valuable learning experiences for me each day, as I am able to learn from training, my peers and the public. 

Why did you become a police officer? I have always found the criminal justice system both necessary and interesting. I pursued a degree in Criminal Justice. After graduating from college, I applied to be a police officer for the City of Scottsdale. 

Balancing service and family: I always make sure that I do what is necessary to be fully prepared to serve each day. At the same time, I dedicate my free time to maintaining the relationships I have with my family and friends. 

Satisfaction of serving: I derive the greatest satisfaction when an individual or family expresses their gratitude and thanks for the service I have provided to them. 

Next professional goal: I want to continue to grow as a police officer, which may give me future opportunities to explore becoming a detective.  

In closing: To serve, it is important to put others first and strive to protect those who rely on you for a safe community. Nothing is impossible. Always follow your dreams!  

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