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Domestic duty

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Years of service: 20 years as Domestic Violence Unit supervisor

Honors: Chief’s Award of Excellence – Trainer of the Year (1997), Critical Incident Award (2005)

Duties: I review all DV reports and assign all “open” cases to my team of detectives to conduct further investigation and to make arrests when appropriate. Our unit reviews all cases to identify repeat offenders and identify trends of abuse. I maintain a database of offenders who have two or more DV convictions so that any further offenses (regardless if they are misdemeanor or felony) are charged as a felony under the Aggravated Domestic Violence statute. On a weekly basis, we search for DV offenders that have active warrants and apprehend them. I serve on the East Valley Domestic Violence Fatality Review Board, which conducts thorough reviews of DV fatality cases with the purpose of identifying current practices that can be improved. As a certified DV instructor by FLETC (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center), I teach domestic violence investigations at the Arizona Law Enforcement Training Academy and specialized training to all Valley agencies on the investigation and prosecution of strangulation and attempted strangulation cases.

Personal: I make sure I routinely plan time with my family. It sounds easy enough, but after a work shift, overtime, call-outs, trials, defense interviews, MVD hearings, mandatory training and special meetings, there isn’t much time left in the week! Watching the children grow and reach milestones are exciting moments!

Inherent dangers you face: It is often said that if you have to put on a ballistic vest before you go to work, you probably don’t have a very safe job. 

Learning experience: We learn about cultures, hardships, the best and worst people have to offer. Most of us in our profession know that every passing day, we will see new heights of kindness and evil.

Next professional goal: I will be testing in our next lieutenant promotional process for the first time. Currently, it is my goal to have our unit recognized as the leader in the field of Domestic Violence in Arizona as it relates to the education of officers around the state, investigative practices and an aggressive stance against repeat offenders.

Final words: Serving your country or community is a commitment that will change your life. You will find honor and pride on your voyage along with old-fashioned, hard work. Remember: Promise only what you can deliver, then deliver more that you promise.

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