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Diversity in the line of duty

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Photo courtesy of Mesa Police Departament

Years of service: Eight years.

Duties: As a personal crimes detective, I am fortunate to provide a unique service to children who have been victims of sexual and/or physical abuse. From day to day, I investigate incidents involving children and adults. This involves speaking with children, working in partnership with various Valley agencies, and interviewing suspects about the alleged abuse. As a media relations detective, I attend to media requests for information about police-related incidents and work closely with the Latino community in Mesa.  

Career highlights: I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of assignments and each has provided some highlights. In my role as a media relations detective, I always take special pride in helping the community by interpreting law enforcement protocols through the media. My responsibilities as a personal crimes detective allow me to give aid to the most vulnerable group in society – children.    

Inherent dangers you face: The dangers that a law enforcement officer faces are well-known. It’s important to stay mentally and physically prepared for such dangers.

Proudest moment: As a patrol officer, I always enjoyed the “sigh of relief” look on a citizen’s face when I was there to assist them in a time of need.

On-the-job learning experience: There are never two situations that are exactly the same; the nature of the job provides an on-going learning experience. Each call responded to, each new case assigned, every training class presents another new opportunity to learn something of value.    

Why did you decide to pursue this career? Growing up in the south side of Tucson made me see what I did not want for my future. I had several friends who were involved with gangs, drugs and other violent criminal activity. Some of my friends were shot, arrested and sent to prison. I wanted to be a part of an organization that helped people such as my friends choose a better path for themselves and, at the same time, make those who commit crimes accountable for their actions. Becoming a law enforcement officer was the best choice for me to accomplish both of these goals.

Next professional goal: In the next year I plan on taking (and passing!) the sergeant’s exam.

Final words: My dad always told me, “El que no mira en frente, detrás se queda” (“if you are not looking ahead, you’ll be left behind”). Always aspire to reach your goals and have a plan on how to get there. Life is full of surprises, however, so take control of what you can and make the best of it.

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