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Chief learns by listening

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Edward “Eddie” Muñoz, a 34-year law enforcement veteran, was appointed as police chief of the San Luis Police Department in September of 2011. Photo courtesy of San Luis Police Department

Years of service: 33 years with the Phoenix Police Department before taking the position with the San Luis Police Department.

Career highlights: Assignments to patrol various precincts; community relations; working as a detective.

Duties: As chief, I am constantly on the move directing the agency that supports the community and finding innovative solutions to make the city a better place for citizens.

Important skills: The most essential skill is being approachable to everyone in the community, which mainly involves being a great listener. Flexibility is an extremely valuable trait.

Proudest moment: My promotion to chief from officer level, skipping all of the mid-manager levels.

On the job/valuable learning experience: Listening to my heart in order to understand people and give them the opportunity to vent their feelings; this has allowed me to develop true compassion.

Why I wanted to pursue this profession: I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives and give the public a positive perspective on the law enforcement profession.

Next professional step: The idea that has kept me grounded is that I am always learning. I want to pursue excellence in this position, as well as bring a distinct flavor to the position.

Final word: Anyone who pursues a career in law enforcement needs to have a sense of humor, while being sincere and showing their human side at the same time. This is truly a service-oriented profession: “Treat everyone as an important person because they are.”  

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