Stella Pope Duarte

Dreams can heal

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Dreams are unseen, yet they can bring messages that are as real to us as if someone were standing there in person telling us what to do next. Dreams are part of the language of your own soul. When the question of language comes up at workshops, I often tell people, “It doesn’t matter what languages you speak, as long as you understand the language of your own soul.” 

In a dream, a person might see a tree, or a huge snowstorm, or a half-empty glass of water. What does it mean? Here is where each dreamer must ask questions of the dream, and search for a personal meaning that will most likely have nothing to do with any other person.

Currently, my newest book, Writing through Revelations, Visions and Dreams, will soon be downloadable as an e-book, and will also be available in print. In the book, I discuss at length the magical messages sent by the invisible world and how their power can reach us in our daily lives.

Every August, I recall three dynamic dreams that are related to some of the most important people in my life: my father, my mother and my beloved sister, Rosie, who all died in the month of August. Dreams can heal; they can bring prophetic messages that will change  your life and make all things new again.

The dream about my Dad in 1995 led me to an elegant, salmon-colored, spiral staircase that climbed into the heavens. My father’s words, “It’s right there what you have to do next, m’ija; it’s right in front of you,” led me to the writing world. This dream also healed me of a sense of loss of self, and restored my purpose for living.  

In August, 1994, after Mom’s death, I experienced one recurring thought: “I don’t know how to live without my mother.” I actually got physically sick as I mourned my Mom. Then, one night, a dream came to my rescue. I saw Mom coming into a room with my oldest sister, Linda, and heard this booming message: “You’re next!” Immediately I said, “I can’t be next; I’m one of the babies of the family!” I awoke with that terrifying message in my mind and was confused until the dream revealed the truth: That’s how you live without your mother – as if you’re next! Live life to the fullest, loving others and receiving love. Live as if you’re next!

In August, 2002, when I lost my sis, Rosie, my heart was broken almost beyond repair. She had been my soul friend, my second mother, and now she was gone. The recurring thought about my sister’s death was: “I can’t replace her.” One night, after months of depression, I dreamed that I was at the gym working out and saw my sister. We talked for a bit, and, then, I went out of the gym to discover that my car had been stolen. I said to myself in the dream, “I’m going to have to call my insurance company and they’ll have to get me a replacement car or give me money for the loss.”

I awoke from the dream thinking I had to call my insurance company, but soon the dream’s revelation reached my conscious mind: You don’t need a replacement for your sister, because she’s still there; it’s you who has to get used to the new relationship. Instantly, I felt as if tons of bricks had been taken off my shoulders and I was able to “return to life” again. She was still there!

Dreams speak to us from deep within, and, if we search for their meaning, they can heal our deepest wounds.

Stella Pope Duarte was born and raised in South Phoenix. She began her award-winning career in 1995 after she had a dream in which her deceased father told her that her destiny was to become a writer. Contact her at

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