Stuff pochos say?

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The show $#*!, My Dad Says, may have been cancelled, but its raison d’être lives on in videos all over YouTube. The popular web series Sh*t Girls Say kept the ball rolling and soon it spawned a host of spoofs and some earnest attempts that poke fun at the things we say in our daily lives. 

Naturally, Latinos of all stripes and backgrounds were sure to get the same treatment, so I decided to investigate exactly what was being posted about the stuff we say and what other groups are saying to us, like “Sh*t White Girls Say to Latinas.”

Some of it is funny, but there is definitely room for improvement, which means there is an opportunity for someone out there to become a YouTube sensation. 

All you really need to do is mine George Lopez and other Latino comedians for material — practice your lines and get your timing right, and, who knows, you might get your own TV show.  

Then you can explore other material, like the word “actually.” The trick is to pronounce it “ack-choo-lee,” and use it repeatedly. For example, you could say, “Actually, I like flour tortillas.” You can get a friend to reply, “Actually, corn tortillas are better.” And then, you could end the exchange by saying, “Actually, you are probably right.”  This could go on for a while — actually. 

Then you could move on to parody the things your dad says. A tip: check out my personal favorite,  Sh*t Asian Dads Say. It is done really well and it even has a hilarious accompanying blooper video. Plus, it is funny to see how similar Asian and Latino dads can be. For fun, you could have the character playing your dad say, “ahh-eee” at the end of every statement and it will sure be funny. 

There already is one about abuelas and it is pretty funny (with over 500,000 hits), but the overbearing nana is a wonderful cubana, which means there is still room for Puerto Rican, Mexican-American and other Latina abuelitas to get their moment in the sun. 

How about your brother? Just put on some Earth, Wind and Fire and say, “that’s my jam, that’s my jam!” Make sure everyone within 50 feet knows that’s his jam. 

The great thing about YouTube is that it doesn’t discriminate, or at least it discriminates evenly, because just about every ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation is parodied. All you need to do is type, “things (insert person or group) say.” 

The trend is really picking up steam and new videos are popping up every day and for good reason — we like to laugh at ourselves and at each other, especially from the safety of the glow of our computer screens. 

So, for those of you who complain that Latinos don’t get enough screen time in movies and television, here is a golden opportunity to make your own celebrity. Just be sure to be funny, please.

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