El niño presidente

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You know you’ve completely embraced fatherhood when you gladly change the work clothes you just put on. It’s a hectic morning when your son’s undisciplined pee-pee leaves you doused with baby urine during a diaper change.

Sure, I may have been pissed on, but surely not pissed off. Who knows, maybe he was marking me as his territory. Whatever the case, I am his and he is mine.

The wonderment that is fatherhood has often brought me to my knees, sometimes in complete and utter joy, and sometimes with hands clutched, hoping and praying all goes well on his path to becoming a good boy, and eventually a good man, and that the world he comes into is not a crazy one.

But the more I observe him, the less I worry. Call it parental pride, but this little one is special. Judging by the way he already takes in the world around him, I can imagine him assessing situations with calm and decorum, navigating complicated situations with diplomacy and maybe even a wink of one of his gorgeous eyes.

All parents should consider their babies as special little wonders who will set the world on fire. It’s a good thing to continue with that enthusiasm as they begin to mature, convinced of their invincibility. It’s how kids separate themselves from the pack and become little leaders.

My mom has already proclaimed that he will be president one day, and I think he might actually pull it off. Why? Because this is a country where anything is possible, where hard work and determination can land you places unimaginable, connecting you with people you otherwise would not likely meet.

This is what makes the U.S.A. the greatest nation on earth.

When I visit Mexico and see a little boy selling Chiclets, I see myself. When I see my little boy, I see a future leader, full of potential.  What a difference one generation in this country can make.

When I observe him I see the way this country is moving forward, and in the process, changing its composition and even its complexion. But there are many who are not comfortable with the direction the United States is taking, preferring it to be tied down, anchored forever in a world they remember fondly. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t do that.

All you have to do is look at our history for reminders: African Americans are no longer slaves; women can vote; anyone can eat anywhere they please, and children can all study together in the same classroom.

My baby boy may not become president of the United States after all, but I know he’ll become something. It’s his American destiny, and he represents this country well, just by his ethnic makeup alone. He is one-half Mexican, one-fourth Italian, one-eighth Irish, one-eighth German and a hundred percent American.

If not my boy, I am convinced that another little bugger just like him will ascend to our nation’s highest office. Why? Because it’s our destiny.

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