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Embrace your Superwoman

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Early in my career I was told, “The longer you’re in this business the more cynical and jaded you become.” But for me, in the 20 years since I first started in television news, it’s become the complete opposite.

Just a few weeks ago I nearly broke down in the middle of a newscast listening to a young woman’s horrific description of watching her young husband gunned down in front of her. Just a few months ago I did break down in the middle of a newscast talking about my personal connection to a story I did on a woman reclaiming her life after random gunfire left her in a wheelchair.

Each time I have to report about violence against a child I want to hold my two kids even closer.

I’m not afraid to show emotion. I’m passionate. I’m compassionate. I’ve led a very challenging life. I can relate to a lot of what I have to report.

I used to wonder why I was constantly being tested. Now I see those challenges as badges of courage and a testimony to my strength. If I communicate and connect when I deliver the news each night, I’d like to think it’s because I’ve lived many of the stories I’m reporting.

I feel better able to connect with people and tell compelling stories because I do know what it’s like to grow up without money, in a divorced home. I do know what it’s like to grow up surrounded by drugs and a cycle of teen pregnancy. I do know what it’s like to lose a job, collect unemployment and disability.

I also know how to pick myself up, dust myself off, and turn obstacles into opportunities.

It’s why I’ve taken up motivational speaking. I’m brutally honest about my experiences and unafraid to share them, because I find the more truthful we are with each other, the more we find we have in common.

Each time I speak, I’m overwhelmed by the response I get, mostly from women, who appreciate hearing they’re not alone. We thirst for the empowerment we get from one another. We are often so busy carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders, juggling multiple personal and professional tasks, that instead of cheering at accomplishing 99 of them, we often end up berating ourselves for not accomplishing 100.

We’ve grown up hearing about Superman, but it’s about time we celebrate Superwoman! I am a super woman! It’s taken me a long time to admit and embrace that.

For years I’ve juggled a career while raising two children and staying active, both physically and in the community, stretching myself so thin I stopped giving myself credit for what I do – rather than what I don’t.

With so many women telling me they feel the same way, I was inspired to start a group called The Sisterhood of Superwomen. We have lunch once a month at only locally owned restaurants so the money we spend stays in the community. Because we care about philanthropy and giving to those less fortunate, we choose a different charity a month to support.

In a few short months, we’ve grown and continue to grow. The sisterhood is making a difference with endless potential.

I’m grateful for the support this magazine has given me through the years and I look forward to giving back even more with this monthly look at the issues important to you. If you have something you’d like me to write about, please let me know.

We’re in this together!

Anaya is a three-time Emmy award winning journalist and CBS 5 News anchor. She’s also a monther, motivational speaker and marathon runner. Reach her at

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