Perspectives on Prop. 102

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One man, one woman

Proposition 102: It’s about marriage

By Frank Macias
State chairmanYes For Marriage Committee

This November, Arizonans will have the opportunity to say YES for marriage by voting YES on Proposition 102.

Prop 102 is 20 simple and clear words that define marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Yes, despite what you may have heard, Prop 102 is that simple. It doesn’t require piles of political rhetoric to make the case for a timeless truth in which most Arizonans already believe.

One Man. One Woman. That’s Marriage.

There’s little doubt the anti-102 case will rely on lengthy and complicated claims that Prop 102 isn’t necessary or that it’s about more than just marriage. Rather than arguing over those claims, we would encourage you to simply read the 20 simple words that make up Prop 102 for yourself:

“Only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in this state.”

When something is that simple and clear, it speaks for itself.

Unlike most propositions that can be confusing, Prop 102 is short and only deals with a single issue – marriage. Prop 102’s simplicity makes it easy to understand and eliminates any possible confusion. A YES vote places those 20 simple words defining marriage in our state Constitution.

This November, the people of Arizona have the opportunity to secure marriage for the future.

Arizonans understand that marriage is more than just a legal arrangement. Marriage has an impact much larger than the two people involved. It affects families, children, and society. Prop 102’s 20 simple words do one thing and one thing only – secure the definition of marriage for our children and grandchildren.

Vote Yes for marriage on Prop 102 in November. For more information, please visit our Web site at

Prop 102 is frivolous

Arizona voters made their choice in 2006

By U.S. Representative Raul M. GrijalvaArizona Congressional District 7
(Special to LPM)

Proposition 102 is an effort by a group with extreme views who want to change the wording of our state Constitution to define marriage as between one man and one woman. It is disappointing and disconcerting.

Arizonans have already voted on this proposition in 2006 and defeated it soundly. It is already against the law for two people of the same sex to marry in Arizona and this law has been upheld by the court system.  Proposition 102 is completely unnecessary and truly a waste of taxpayers’ money.

Proposition 102 is out of touch with Arizona. The real issues hurting Arizona’s families are the high food and gas prices, no energy policy, the real estate crash, the Iraq War, the environment and health care. Our community struggles with a loss of opportunity and a rise in divisive politics which threatens the real fabric of our society. These are the issues we need to be focused on, not a misguided idea on how to “protect” marriage.

One out of every two marriages don’t fail because two people of the same sex want to gain the same legal protections heterosexual couples automatically get when they marry.  They fail because of simple incapability, infidelity, substance abuse or a sundry of other reasons.  Yet we’re not trying to re-write the Constitution to address these reasons. Nor should we.

This amendment is an affront to our families and cherished community members. We all have a family member or friend who would be adversely affected by this constitutional amendment if it passes.

I believe that as Arizonans, we are inclusive people who believe in the right of an individual’s privacy and who are strong supporters of independent thinking, away from the influences of government intrusion and extremism, and we believe in protecting our families and friends from these influences as well.  Please vote No on Proposition 102.  Again.

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