A brighter future for Phoenix

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By Greg Stanton

I know firsthand that the possibilities in the city of Phoenix are limitless. I grew up in West Phoenix, and my wife Nicole and I are now raising our two children here in Central Phoenix. I am running for mayor, because I believe in a vision for Phoenix that will bring a diverse, robust economy with high-paying jobs, stronger, safer communities, and a continued appreciation of the culture and diversity that has helped Phoenix thrive for so long. I believe that together, we can build a brighter future for Phoenix.

I will be the education mayor – our investment in education determines the strength of our economy. As mayor, I will:

  • Invest in early education programs and ensure that afterschool programs across the city receive the support they need.
  • Work with companies in Phoenix to ensure that our city gets its fair share of the education tax credit and I will personally ask every business to invest in Phoenix’s education.
  • Create a mayoral roundtable with mayors from around the state to discuss the pragmatic ideas and solutions that are improving the education of students in Arizona. I will use the bully pulpit of the mayor’s office to advocate for more support for education.

By strengthening our communities and reaffirming our commitment to diversity, we can build an economic future that puts Phoenicians back to work. When I am mayor:

  • I will work with local and small business leaders to place a renewed focus on their development, creating the opportunities for growth that Phoenix needs.
  • My administration will work closely with the Greater Phoenix Economic Council to attract sustainable industries such as biotech, health care and solar that will bring quality, high-paying jobs to our city.
  • My plan to streamline Phoenix will become a reality, and we will cut government red tape that hinders needed economic growth. 
  • Phoenix needs an optimistic vision and a strong leader to lead us out of this recession, and that is what I will bring to City Hall.

This election is too important to allow special interests and lobbyists to take control and drown out the voice of our diverse communities. My opponent, Wes Gullett, is a career lobbyist who has made his living protecting the powerful and politically connected leaders of our city. While I served the public interest for nine years on the city council, representing the 6th district, and two years as deputy attorney general under Terry Goddard, Mr. Gullett lobbied for large corporations – putting their interests before that of our communities. When I am mayor, you will never have to question who I am working for – I don’t have any rich or powerful clients – I will be working for you. 

I am proud of the continued support that my campaign has received from all local and state public safety and first-responders groups. Their support, coupled with the support of the hardworking men and women of our city and the local and small business leaders that create the jobs we need, has helped create the largest grassroots movement Phoenix has ever seen in a municipal election. I am honored to have the support of Congressman Ed Pastor and Councilman Michael Nowakowski, who have consistent records of putting the public interests first. I am focused on working with people of all backgrounds and all beliefs to develop the best solutions for Phoenix that will benefit every citizen, not only the politically powerful or connected.

My campaign has never been about me – it is about vision we share for our great city. Phoenix can be the best city in America, and by investing in smart economic growth, stronger local schools, and safe, diverse communities, we can build the brighter future for Phoenix that we all desire. I ask for your support because together, we can make our optimistic vision a reality. 

Greg Stanton was raised in West Phoenix by a family committed to giving back to their community. He attended Marquette University and earned the Harry S. Truman Scholarship, a national award for students committed to pursuing careers in public service. After earning his law degree from the University of Michigan, Greg returned to Phoenix where he practiced education law at Jennings Strouss and Salmon and later Quarles & Brady LLP. In 2001, he left private law practice to serve on the Phoenix City Council, where he represented the sixth district for nine years. In 2009, Greg joined the state attorney general’s office as deputy attorney. Greg and his wife Nicole have two young children, Trevor and Violet. Nicole is a prominent local attorney who recently received the YWCA business leadership award. Greg wants to be our next mayor to make Phoenix a city that his children – and all children – can be proud to call home. A city with strong schools, safe parks and neighborhoods, a vibrant arts community, and an environment that supports locally owned businesses, diverse industries and high-wage jobs. Greg shares this vision with his supporters, and is working with them to make it a reality.

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