Trying to stay on track, despite a little cheating

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By Marcos Najera

Bally personal trainer Tasha spots Marcos Najera during his workout.

One pound.  Three weeks.

That’s my progress ya’ll. I can’t believe it.  Shouldn’t I be buff yet?

“Don’t trip,” Bally personal trainer Tasha tells me.

I say, “Why not?”

She’s like, “Get those two medicine balls and do push-ups.”

“Yah, right,” I say. “I could barely do three sets on the floor with grunting.”

“Get them,” she says.

I do. Damn, she was right. I was all boom, boom, boom with the medicine ball push-ups. Hmm, maybe something is working.

I try to meet with Tasha three times a week for an hour. Between those days, I do cardio on my own, per her instruction. I am sore, but happy. I have also been taking CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). I ask Tasha what that is, but neither of us really know.  Bally’s sells it. I look it up.  Bottom line: so far, it seems to have no effect on me, but it might work.  Oh well, I figure it must do something good or why would Trader Joe’s sell it?  I’ll do more research.  Check back in with me.

In the meantime, I continue to log my caloric intake. Oooohhh! I cheat!!!!  Sometimes, if I don’t feel like adding everything up, I pretend I’m doing that random “Body for Life” plan that my friend Destry, the new midday anchor at Channel 12, used to try and make me do with her in Tucson. Once a week you can do whatever you want. So that’s what I do sometimes when Tasha isn’t looking. I think I am still doing well, otherwise, but this probably accounts for the meager one-pound loss.

Before you castigate me, know that my clothes are fitting better. And Nick, the head trainer at Bally’s, came up to me and Tasha the other night. He screeched, “You have cheekbones, Brutha!”

I was all, “Oh, no! You didn’t just clown my chubby cheeks!”

He’s all, “No!  I’m complimenting you, fool.”

I was all, “Oh, okay, cool. Then, thanks!”

I’m heading to Los Angeles for the month of March, ya’ll. I’m doing some theater and radio work there while house-sitting on Venice Beach for my cool Chicana director friend Juliette Carillo of South Coast Rep. I’m worried!  I don’t want to regress. There are Bally’s in L.A., and four clubs right near where I’ll be.  Stay tuned, while I battle to stay toned.

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