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cover_February2013mediumThat little heart symbol that shows up on bumper stickers, T-shirts, coffee mugs, etc. is the universal connector. We “♥” people, things, activities – a very large array of relationships, ranging from the fervent to the frivolous. That we have such an all-purpose expression reveals the essential truth: without connections, our hearts are pretty empty. This month’s LPM has plenty of examples of the different kinds of connections that are well described as a ♥.

WE♥LOVERS: Columnist Catherine Anaya conveniently supplies us with the most classic ♥ connection – she’s gotten engaged! Read all about her idea of an ideal mate.

WE♥OURSELVES: The best expression of self-love is taking care of our bodies. Our hearts are the engines that make all physiological processes possible, so, heart health is front and center this February –American Heart Month. The American Heart Association (AHA) reminds us of all the programs, strategies and services available to us (especially women) to improve and maintain a healthy heart. The AHA also provides a profile of an accomplished and dedicated volunteer, Dr. Adriana Perez, who has promoted the idea of “connecting generations” for heart health by instituting family programs whereby members act together to create heart-friendly lifestyles.

WE♥FRIENDS: Our Latina Still Standing, Diana Bejarano, reminds us that long-lasting friendships are a critical form of life support.

WE♥CELEBRITIES: We do! But, should we? In Guillermo Reyes’s feature on Latinos at the Oscars, he shows off his encyclopedic knowledge of Oscar trivia. This knowledge was acquired through a life-long fascination with the movies and movie stars, a fascination he shared with his mother. In Reyes’ charming memoir, Madre and I: A Memoir of Our Immigrant Lives (2010, University of Wisconsin Press), he details how both he and his mother continually drew on images and characters from Hollywood films to provide points of reference by which they could orient themselves in adapting to new and sometimes confusing cultural contexts. Because so many others, no doubt, use the narratives and characters from this powerful medium in a similar way, this imparts relevance to the issue of why it matters whether, and how, Latinos are represented among Oscar recipients.

WE♥FAMILY: See all of the above. Is it surprising that we can trace back nearly all other connections to family somehow? And speaking of family, the Executive Editor-Publisher connection enlarged the LPM family by one more when daughter, Victoria Sofia Torres, was welcomed into the world on December 30, 2012.


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