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cover_May2013MediumThere’s much to celebrate in May.  Whether it’s Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, or a graduation, this month presents opportunities to gather friends and family and toast to life. And, if beer is your adult beverage of choice, you’re in for a treat as we devote this month’s cover story to the ubiquitous beverage. 

In The Cerveza Report, Ruben Hernandez offers a primer on beer-brewing south of the border (in 2003, Mexico replaced Holland as the worldwide leader in beer sales) and the role of Mexican beer imports in the U.S. market. Imported or domestic, beer is big business. According to a 2013 report released by the National Beer Wholesalers Association, America’s Beer Distributors: Fueling Jobs, Generating Economic Growth and Delivering Value to Local Communities, beer distributors add $54 billion to the nation’s gross domestic product. Additionally, beer distributor activities contribute nearly $10.3 billion to the federal, state and local tax bases – in addition to the nearly $11 billion in federal, state and local alcohol excise and consumption taxes. A substantial contribution.

In our Briefcase department, George Diaz shares with our readers the basics of the legislative process – how a bill becomes a law – and reminds us that having an ambivalent attitude towards politics and politicians only leads us to forfeit our political power.

As we approach triple-digit temperatures, recreational swimmers and athletes can rejoice in open-water swimming. The water may not be warm, but it’s less likely it’ll be frigid. From Lake Pleasant to Lyman Lake, Arizona offers plenty of opportunities to swim in lakes and reservoirs – and be awed by the surroundings. If open-water swimming rocks your boat, check out Virginia Betz’s “Total Immersion” in Time Out where she compiles a list of prime locations in the state to engage in the sport and tips to be safe in the water. 

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