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It is often said that health is a blessing not fully appreciated until it’s lost. As the popular saying goes, la salud no es conocida hasta que es perdida; so true.

Fortunately, we have a lot of agency when it comes to our health and well-being. As Robrt Pela points out in this month’s cover story, becoming our own health care advocate is a must, as is working in partnership with a primary care physician who is approachable and takes time to know her patients.

But all our self-advocacy efforts can be sabotaged if we don’t take a close look at our lifestyle and examine how our choices impact our health and well-being. In Driven to Succeed  (page 24), guest contributor, Will Humble, Director of the Arizona Department of Health Services, reminds us that, unfortunately, Hispanics still suffer disproportionately from health conditions such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes. And, although there’s a correlation between higher income and better health, that’s not true for everyone. Having made it to “middleclassdom” is not a guarantee of good health, nor is access to health care. However, making our health a top priority, and tending to its needs accordingly, can reduce our risk for disease and premature death.  

Many of us may think we are too busy to change our habits or to take on new challenges but, with the right motivation and support, it can be done. Just ask Catherine Anaya. In her monthly column (page 17), she recounts how she prepared for her third Boston Marathon and what she learned about herself after running 26.2 miles — in record-breaking heat. Go, Catherine, go!

This Father’s Day can be a perfect excuse to start a new tradition. Whether it involves healthful cooking, physical activity or stress reduction, it can be fun and include the entire family. We have compiled some suggestions for you in Time out.

Also in this issue, you can read Joe Ray’s interview with Gennaro García. García is a cofounder of the Calle 16 mural project. If you’ve driven by Barrio Café in Phoenix, chances are you have seen his work, now the subject of a forthcoming documentary by Mexican filmmaker, Carlos Muñoz. 

Another local and young overachiever with a heart of gold, and a great role model, is Diana Bejarano. In Latina Still Standing, she shares the recipe for her resiliency and success: a mixture of family, faith, friends, forgiveness and kindness to oneself. 

I  hope you enjoy this month’s editorial line-up.

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