Ruben Hernandez

Happy, happy birthday, Baby!

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On Sept. 5, we plant another milestone in the journey of Latino Perspectives.

This magazine you are reading turns four years old on that day. In terms of the granddaddys of magazine industry longevity – Time, Newsweek, The New Yorker – we are still in diapers.

In terms of Latino-themed magazine life spans, we are walking from being a chavalo into becoming a hombrecito.

Many of our brother and sister Latino-oriented publications haven’t been as lucky.

Mi Ciudad, a bold, glossy, bicultural magazine by media chain Emmis Communications, threw in the toalla a few months ago. It had launched in May 2005 with a $5 million commitment from its parent company.

Others like Latina, Hispanic Business and Hispanic magazine continue to print, but with the last two old schoolers drastically cutting costs, staff, and pages in order to survive.

Meanwhile, Latino Perspectives continues to grow with increasing ad revenues and circulation in a time of economic recession.

We’re not gloating. Any death in the Latino familia of magazines pains us all. Instead, we are grateful that the model we are creating continues to work – because that’s the best news for you, our readers.

Early on, we made a crucial decision: The magazine we founded wasn’t going to feed our readers with celebrity glamour, glitter and fluff over meaningful journalism. To put it another way, you probably won’t ever see a half-naked Latina starlet of the day decorating our cover.

Our journalistic model consists of providing our audience with local news of Latinos who are stars in the everyday, real world. Our stories are written by seasoned journalists to inform, to entertain, to provide insight into local news and politics, and to reveal slices of the lives of gente from our very diverse Latino cultures – right here, not in Hollywood, New York and Los Angeles.

And thanks to you readers and our growing list of advertisers, on our fourth birthday, we celebrate not only that we are surviving, but that we are thriving.

And that’s a great reason to party with us on Sept. 5. I’m looking forward to seeing many of you at our anniversary blowout after the Profiles of Success shebang.

As part of our continuing commitment to provide the best coverage, in our anniversary edition we cover two issues that will have a tremendous impact locally and nationally.

Jon Higuera, formerly a reporter with the Washington Times and Arizona Republic, analyzes the outreach efforts of presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama to Latino voters.

We had requested personal columns from both candidates. Sen. McCain was happy to provide his. Sen. Obama did not. The Obama no-show makes us wonder if the Democratic nominee for president has written off the votes of Arizona Latinos.

Another of our feature stories reveals that the Phoenix urban area is home to a new generation. They are called Millennials, and writer Georgann Yara describes how their time has arrived, and how they are out to change our community and our world.

We here at LPM – our editorial executives, great writers, enthusiastic sales staff, and eager interns, look forward to the next four years, and to the next forty years.

We’re all loving every minute because we live in one of the best urban areas in the country, serving the best audience in the nation. Thank you, all.

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