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Back-to-school season brings opportunities for all

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The fall equinox is still a month away, but with school back in session, the autumn season is unofficially here. Never mind we are still wearing shorts and T-shirts!

Commuters may dread the traffic associated with the start of the academic year, but retailers nationwide eagerly anticipate shoppers rushing through their doors looking for the latest back-to-school trends and necessities. This time last year, according to the Census Bureau, the country spent $7.7 billion at family clothing stores. A nice economic boost!

While kids may revel in the latest fads, being truly ready to return to the classroom takes much more than that a trendy outfit. As Robrt Pela writes in the Health feature, ABCs of health care, going back to school healthfully is easy – and necessary. This is especially true if we want kids to thrive throughout the academic year. 

 In this month’s Education department, Erica Cardenas shares a short history of homework, along with tips for parents and guardians to foster academic success at home. If you have a school-aged kid at home, these two pieces are a must read, even if you’ve got all your ducks in a row. 

If you are among those who think you are too old to learn something new, or teach an old dog new tricks, Nick Montoya has a message for you. The Arizona native and former Fortune 100 executive was living the high life as an over-achiever until one day, suddenly, he couldn’t get out of bed. His doctors referred to him as a walking time bomb – stress, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, migraines, fatigue and unbearable back pain. Inspired by his daughters, and determined to live a better and healthier life, Mr. Montoya left the corporate world and transformed his life, his body and his career through yoga. It’s a fabulous true story. Read his piece in Time Out.

Make sure to peruse our Fall Arts Preview, where Ruben Hernandez highlights some notable offerings from arts and culture organizations in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

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Cheers to fall!

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