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Girl power

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The GLAAZ InvenTeam

Fernanda Salazar

I never thought that I could help create something so important for kids in our community 

Adrianna Galvan

You can make a difference no matter how young you are

Crystal Owl

I never thought I would have the chance to create an invention 

Hannah McGregor

InvenTeam allows me to be creative and help the community simultaneously

Michelle Rae Fuller

When I was young, I hated math. Now in high school I love it

Ashley Hermosillo

Before this class, I never thought I was capable of making a difference in the world 

Savannah Treviño-Casias

I have become more confident in math and science

Briana Soto

This process has taught me that I can do anything I set my mind to

Michaela Ramirez

InvenTeam has been the key to a door full of exploration and inquisitive thinking

Bianca Garcia

InvenTeam has really opened my eyes to the field of engineering

By Jess Horton

Jess Horton

Jess Horton

My teaching philosophy is that every child has the ability and the desire to learn. Finding how to spark that desire to learn is the key to, and the art of, teaching! GLAAZ is a new school with a philosophy that empowers young women to be leaders in their community – I wanted to be part of that mission and that is why 

I chose to work at GLAAZ.

A strong advocate for the school, Ted Tyler, shared this opportunity for the InvenTeam grant with the school and we jumped at the chance to share this experience with our students. I went through the process to apply for the grant because I wanted to open a different world to my students. A prestigious grant from the Lemelson-MIT Program would mean that my students would be afforded the chance to take a local issue in their society and work hard to try to solve that problem. These students will expand their experience and their influence beyond the local classroom and that is powerful!

The students and I are new to the design process and engineering concepts; we have had to conduct research, reach out to professionals in the community, and struggle through the experience one step at a time. Through this adventure we have grown as a team and I have seen the girls grow as individuals. It has been a rich experience to watch the students use the scientific method to push through obstacles as they arise. This project has become personal for each of them.

The culminating experience is going to be at the 2013 EurekaFest at MIT in June. During this four-day conference, high schools from around the nation will come together and share their inventions. The common thread through every project is “serving your community.” The impact of going to Boston will be huge, but the even larger impact will come when the InvenTeam students look back on their journey of the last nine months and they are able to say, “Wow, I did it! We did it!”

To learn more about the Girls Leadership Academy of Arizona, visit glaaz.org or call 602-288-4518.

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