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Fall arts preview

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Ana Mendieta (Cuba, 1948-1985), Untitled (Silueta Series, Mexico), 1976. Color print from 35 mm slide, 28” x 21”. Collection of Diane and Bruce Halle, Phoenix, AZ

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life,” was a famous observation of Pablo Picasso, the Spanish maestro of the visual arts. 

Noted artists throughout history have attested that the arts possess incredible power to inspire and to instill a sense of beauty and unity in the beholders. If wars and politics reveal the dark side of mankind, the arts cast angelic light on its best aspects. 

 For these reasons, each fall Valley art aficionados dutifully await the dramatic unveiling of the arts season’s new offerings at our metropolitan area’s leading art institutions, as well as those organized by smaller, but no less imaginative, cultural organizations.   

As Arizona’s fierce summer ends, our cornucopia overflows with artistic events and cultural adventures to lure you out to experience the cooler breezes and softer sunlight of another entertaining fall arts schedule. 

So, as the 2012-2013 season’s curtain rises to welcoming applause on the multiple stages and arts venues en el Valle de Sol, Latino Perspectives shares with its readers a comprehensive guide to visual arts exhibitions, music, opera, theater, dance and festivals.  

So let the shows go on and on and on …

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