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Phoenix College makes it easy

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It used to be that an education was a distinct steppingstone before a career, a time to ruminate on what profession to pursue as you took prerequisites related to your field of choice. Along with the required classes, you could explore history, science, philosophy, literature and the arts. 

But as the cost of education has steadily increased, and the emphasis has moved from the scholastic journey to the job-focused end goal, many students now choose to detour directly to training and instruction for a specific vocation.

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In response to the constant evolution of technology, many institutions now offer custom and training education, or CTE courses. Students just entering the workforce, or those with careers already established who need to catch up and compete with the latest innovations and new hires, can take courses in health care, computer information systems and green building, just to name a few, without chocking up tens of thousands of dollars in student loans.

Several vocational avenues are available to students and professionals through Phoenix College – on the campus at 12th Avenue and Thomas Road, at the downtown historic building on 1st Avenue and McKinley Street (PCDT), or online from the comfort of a home office or computer. 

With jobs in the healthcare industry rising despite today’s economy, several new courses in the medical field are being offered at PC. Beginning this fall, participants can take a medical transcription certificate program. Jobs in the medical transcription field are expected to grow by 11 percent through 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The course through PCDT is being offered in partnership with Career Step, an online healthcare education company. At their own pace and on their own schedule, participants can earn a medical transcription certificate through online coursework.

Other courses offered at PCDT include a pharmacy technician program and a dialysis technician program.

“Health care is where the jobs are, and we can help students prepare for successful careers … in less than a year,” says Roberta Jeffers, director of Business and Industry Partnership at Phoenix College Downtown, 640 N. 1st Avenue.

Also getting quite a bit of attention, albeit not positive, is the real estate industry. With foreclosures at an all-time high, no thanks to an overvalued housing market, the need for appraisers – and general knowledge of how the industry values properties – is also at an all-time high. 

As part of its expanded real estate certificate program, Phoenix College’s Business Department is offering two new appraisal courses this fall and a real estate finance class in the spring that can help with understanding the complexities of valuing property.

“Basic Appraisal Principles” and “Basic Appraisal Procedures” are both two-credit courses that will go toward the 18 credits required to earn the real estate certificate. The real estate finance course will be worth three credits.

“In today’s housing market, it is essential consumers know about the appraisal process,” says Doula Zaharopoulos, director of PC’s real estate program. “Even if someone is already a real estate sales agent, these classes will help them.”

The courses will be offered in a hybrid style of traditional and online classes. The appraisal courses are open to the public and do not require any prerequisites.

For those who want to start their own business on a solid foundation of information, Phoenix College is offering a Small Business Start-Up Certificate program completely through online courses. Entrepreneurs can learn business concepts, so they can successfully start and run a small enterprise.

Online classes such as “Internet Marketing for Small Business” and “Starting a Home-based Business” can be taken for credit toward the certificate, which requires 12 total credits. Classes can also be taken for personal enrichment and not necessarily for the certificate.

For more information about other courses and certificate programs or to register for any of these courses, go to www.phoenixcollege.edu.

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