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New ASU program preps students, families for college success

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graduationArizona State University has launched a new program that engages Arizona high school students, and their families, through a series of workshops with the ultimate goal of preparing students for success at ASU. 

Known as the “Future Sun Devil Families” (FSDF) program, participating students and families attend seven workshops throughout the academic year at their own high school or a nearby partnering high school; each workshop is designed to guide students and parents through the college application process in an interactive co-learning environment, and is led by an ASU facilitator trained on workshop content. 

FSDF is available for grade levels 9-12 and there is no cost to participate. 

“‘Future Sun Devil Families’ in partnership with our high school colleagues creates a pathway to access the university early and often, ensuring that students are university eligible and that families have the tools and resources to support them in that endeavor,” says Beatriz Rendon, ASU’s Associate Vice President of Educational Outreach and Student Services. 

Eligibility requirements include student enrollment in one of the following school districts:  Phoenix High School, Mesa Public Schools, Glendale Union High School, Tempe Union High School, Tolleson Union High School or ASU Preparatory Academies. 

Encourage literacy through mini home libraries
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Make the most of parent-teacher conferences

Additionally, students must have a minimum 2.5 GPA in core classes (English, math, science, and social studies), and participating students and at least one parent are expected to attend the monthly college prep workshops at a local high school. Students entering ninth grade may apply for the following academic year and all “Hispanic Mother Daughter” participants will be automatically enrolled in the program. 

A sample of FSDF workshop objectives by grade level are as follows:

9th Grade

Session 1             Gaining support and understanding

Session 2             Re-affirming self-advocacy and independence

Session 3             Understanding admissions and eligibility 

Session 4             Making a college choice

Session 5             Diving into financial literacy 

Session 6             Creating a financial plan

Session 7             Becoming well-rounded

10th Grade

Session 1             Introduction 

Session 2             Exploring degree programs and career paths

Session 3             Investigating financial aid resources

Session 4             Refining financial plan and timeline

Session 5             Re-affirming family support

Session 6             Examining course mastery and remediation

Session 7             Evaluating extracurricular activities and leadership

11th Grade

Session 1             Introduction 

Session 2             Comparing colleges and programs of study

Session 3             Exploring a major map

Session 4             Understanding the financial aid and scholarship process

Session 5             Establishing communication with universities

Session 6             Developing leadership skills

Session 7             Investigating college support resources

12th Grade

Session 1             Finalizing admissions application

Session 2             Exploring university learning opportunities

Session 3             Completing scholarship applications

Session 4             Completing FAFSA application

Session 5             Committing to an academic program of study

Session 6             Experiencing college campus life

Session 7             Demonstrating independence

Students may apply on-line and must also submit transcripts and two short essays to be considered for FSDF.

“‘Future Sun Devils Families’ illustrates ASU’s and President Crow’s vision to measure the success of our university, not by whom we exclude, but by whom we include and how they succeed,” adds Rendon. “This program is a concrete example of how we fulfill the commitment to working in the community as partners in preparing more Arizona youth for the university.”

Visit for additional program and application details. E-mail or call 480-965-6060 with questions about “Future Sun Devils Families.” 

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