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Southwest Skill Center launches new program

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A new Industrial Electronics Technology Program to be launched at Estrella Mountain Community College’s Southwest Skill Center (EMCC-SWSC) this month is set to bring some “hard” skills to their current educational offerings. The EMCC-SWSC already has a long-standing reputation for excellence in their “soft skill” areas of allied health, such as nursing. 

The course is a full-time, five-month program offering a variety of electro-mechanical and operational skills training, with a focus on the troubleshooting and repair of electrical/electronic equipment. The first cohort program has a capacity of 10–15 students and begins July 9, 2012.

Coursework includes an introduction to computer software applications, industrial safety, hand and power tool use, oxyfuel welding, rigging and piping systems, just to name a few. Successful completion will prepare participants for jobs in organizational maintenance, manufacturing, aeronautics, water treatment and public utilities.

Students must be at least 18 years of age and complete an admissions packet. Admission requirements include assessment testing in the areas of English and math. Interested individuals should contact Mark Haines at the EMCC-SWSC for more details at

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