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Make the most of parent-teacher conferences

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Ready … set … go! You have 15 minutes of undivided attention from your child’s teacher to discuss their academic progress. So, how should you prepare yourself to maximize the face-to-face time you have with your child’s teacher? 

With parent-teacher conferences in full swing, many parents may be asking themselves, “How can I get more out of parent-teacher conferences so that they make a difference to my child’s success?” 

Research shows that students with more actively engaged parents are more likely to attend school regularly, have better social skills, earn higher grades, graduate from high school and go on to college or other post-secondary program. 

Expect More Arizona President and CEO, Pearl Chang Esau, offers some useful questions, collected from teachers, to ensure a productive parent-teacher conference that allows you to explore how your child is performing and helps you to set goals to strengthen/improve his or her performance: 

When does testing take place throughout the year?

How did my child perform on the benchmark and state tests, and how did he or she compare to his or her peers?

What areas do we need to work on to help him/her improve or be more challenged?

What joint goals can we set between now and the next parent-teacher conference period?

What resources are available if my child has special needs, is gifted, or just needs more support?

How else do you evaluate my child’s skills and knowledge beyond testing?

What type of activities can I incorporate into my child’s everyday routine that could help his or her progress?

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