After-school STEM experiments

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For nine consecutive weeks, 250 middle school students from the Kyrene School District performed a variety of STEM experiments. Recently, the results were presented to more than 750 community members as part of the ASU Citizen Scientist-Engineer @ Kyrene after-school program.

The program taps into student interest in pursuing careers in STEM-related fields utilizing Science Foundation-Arizona’s Graduate Research Fellows (GRF) at ASU, as well as ASU science and engineering faculty. The GRFs worked side by side with teachers and students from six Kyrene middle schools on science and engineering projects involving a wide array of disciplines, such as the design of water filtration devices, alternative and renewable energy models, exploratory microbiology and genetics.

“Our graduate research fellows really enjoy sharing their knowledge and research with K-12 students and find hands-on teaching extremely rewarding,” said Len Fine, senior scientific program officer at Science Foundation-Arizona. The project aims to make science and engineering relevant to K-12 students, and allows the research fellows opportunities for effective communication of their knowledge and research to the students, their families and their communities. 

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