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Toyota Entrepreneur of the Month

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Alvarez & Cortazar
Real Estate Advisors

461 N. Dean Ave., Chandler, AZ. 85226
Phone: (480) 961-0004

Ricardo Cortazar, 31, of Alvarez & Cortazar, serves on the Grand Canyon Minority Suppliers Development Council; the firm is also a member of the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce and the Hispanic Business Council. His partner, Marty Alvarez Sr., served as the Executive director of the Arizona Contractors Service Center (ACSC) from 1971 to 1977. The company advises businesses on real estate acquisitions, leases and other related transactions.

Describe your company: We started Alvarez & Cortazar in 2004, when I partnered up with Marty. Marty has been known to be a powerhouse in construction. He already had a recipe for success. I decided not to reinvent the wheel.

We’re one of the bigger title companies that does a lot of Hispanic work. We are the first title company with a policy that translates from English to Spanish.

What’s new? We just acquired a parcel at Whisper Rock Estates, located at Lone Mountain and Scottsdale Road. We’re ready to break ground on a $4 million house.

How did you get your start? We started to do our own stuff because we saw what we were missing out on. A lot of people have tried to partner up with us in the past, but we like it as it is.

We have middle-income clientele. The majority are Hispanic professionals. We represent accountants, mortgage brokers, mortgage bankers and attorneys.

What keeps you going? We each have a goal. Every one of our partners has a goal we have to reach as far as generating business.

We know that the majority of the economy is driven by real estate. People saw what happened the last two years. We know how important our role is, whether it is residential or commercial.

Do you specialize?We’ve been participating with a lot of non-profits. Doing pro bono, people take notice of our work.

We’ve been very fortunate. It’s been a lot of word of mouth. There are not very many firms that help small Hispanic businesses.

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