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Toyota Entrepreneur of the Month

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Alex Corona is general manager at Corona Ranch, a unique rodeo and hacienda-style banquet facility that has been a fixture in Laveen for about 30 years. Founded as a family business, the Coronas have worked hard to preserve the specialty of their venue.

“We originally started the facility to perform our Mexican charreada,” Corona says. “We really catered to the Hispanic community,” presenting everyone from Vicente Fernandez to Los Tigres del Norte. The Coronas regularly performed the charreada, a national sport of Mexico, to keep that tradition alive in the U.S. and to share it with their community.

About 16 years ago, Corona and his brother-in-law, Bill Smith, began booking corporate events at the ranch. It proved to be a great business decision.

“The facility really sets us apart,” he says. “We’re exclusive. The rodeo is not your typical Western rodeo show. It’s something that is unique to this part of the country that is part of our history.”

Corona adds that the ranch hosts local groups from every major resort in the Valley, from as far as Tucson to north Scottsdale. But the venue’s fans aren’t just local.

“It really says a lot for our facility, our entertainment, and  the family, to do this for the local community, but also worldwide, because we get clients from all over the world: Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, Italy, UK, NBC Sports, Microsoft, Edsel Ford, MetLife, VISA and MasterCard,” he says. Corona also says his company already is working on bookings for the upcoming 2008 Super Bowl in nearby Glendale.

Corona points to good communication as key to getting things done right for clients.

“From the kitchen to the culinary team to the bar and wait staff,” he says. “There’s really good communication between our clients and ourselves. We are listening to them, really paying attention to what their needs are.”

Going the extra mile for clients and doing what it takes to get the job done are essential to the success of this unique venue.

“Really we pride ourselves on the fact that we do this because it’s our culture and our history. To show that really means a lot to us.”

Corona Ranch
7611 S. 29th Ave., Laveen
(602) 237-3303

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