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Toyota Entrepreneur of the Month

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Donnie Morales had been an air-conditioning technician for years before he decided to start his own business in 1991.

He had been in the cooling and heating business since 1988, when at 26 years old he graduated as a technician in air conditioning from Mountain States Technical Institute in Phoenix.

Morales says he was drawn to the air-conditioning field because the dawn of the industry changed the way that Arizonans lived, worked and played. Without air-conditioning, there would be no high-rise towers of glass dotting Phoenix’s urban landscape. Nor would Arizona’s population have grown as fast as it has.

Morales was such an excellent student at the Technical Institute, he was hired as a laboratory instructor assistant for two years. Later, he was a maintenance supervisor for the air conditioning program with Security Pacific Bank of Arizona.

When he went into business for himself, Morales knew that while his service and products were as necessary during Arizona summers as water to fish, that fact also makes his industry one of the most competitive in the state.

He decided that technology would be the edge that would set his business apart. With Morales Air, cooling comfort is a science. His company has set standards that involve energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy.

In addition, factors such as energy conservation, keeping down energy pollution that contributes to global warming, and services that promote cleaner air are a daily part of his business agenda.

Morales says his personal standard of professionalism is customer comfort and convenience.

“We partner with programs and companies that are able to provide proven, superior products and responsive services,” he says.

Morales Air
5036 N. 56th Ave. Phoenix
(623) 848-3420

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