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Three generations and a roof

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Photo by Melissa Donaldson

Tell us about TECA: Three generations of quality roofing craftsmanship fused with three generations of insurance expertise creates the highest-caliber roofing establishment that has expanded to a geographically diversified company, setting new standards in efficiency, industry knowledge and customer satisfaction. 

Founded: May 2005

Highlights: Recently surpassed three million dollars in sales; opened offices in Texas and Missouri; assisted with disaster relief in Joplin, Missouri, and acquired McIntyre Industries, an insurance claims specialist firm. 

Business buzz: We are launching a new division to capitalize on the green roofing industry with CERATECH, a coating product that goes on just about anything and can reduce heating/cooling costs by over 30 percent.

 Life as an entrepreneur: Thrilling!

Companies you admire most: Sundt Construction and La Raza

Three traits of a successful entrepreneur: Confidence, humility and patience.

Inspirational reading: Freakonomics, by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner, which illustrates how unrelated industries impact each other.

Historical figure you’d like to meet: Benjamin Franklin. His creativity, out-of-the-box thinking and devotion to the greater good are lessons that still resonate today.

Best advice: When I was 22, I attended mass in Madrid, Spain, in a 400-year-old cathedral where an elderly priest simply said, “Relax, your time on this planet is very short.” 

What prompted you to start your own business? I welcomed a new challenge and believed I had something unique to offer to the industry. 

Favorite aspect of owning a small business: No need to submit requests for time off. 

Important business milestone: It’s personal – I was able to buy my mom her dream car and a house!

If I could start over … I would take more notes. 

Advice to aspiring entrepreneurs: Business model! Business model! You will work very hard in all directions if you are not focused on a goal, and a business model is the blueprint for success. 

Biggest business challenge: The pressure of understanding my decisions, good or bad, and how they impact my team on a daily basis.

Life lesson: Growing up, I experienced many challenges associated with being raised by a single mom in a lower social economic status. I believe these hardships and trials laid the foundation for my dedication to community service. Part of that passion translates into TECA’s continued philosophy to give back. We recently completed a home remodel project for a veteran who served in Iraq and continue to support programs such as Mujer Inc., HandsOn Greater Phoenix, and we work with the Red Cross in disaster relief. 

Website: tecanow.com

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