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EntrepreneurCourtesy-of-FlavorFounded: March 3, 2012

Number of employees: 2

Career highlights: I attended college at ASU and graduated with a B.S. in Biochemistry. After receiving my degree, I worked in the non-profit medical sector for a bit before moving on to assisting in research at the University of Arizona Medical Campus in downtown Phoenix. After working in science for almost five years, the urge to become my own boss and thrive as an entrepreneur took hold, and I decided to look for open opportunities to fill this desire. I pitched the idea of starting up a small ice cream and cupcake shop to my father and he very much encouraged the idea, offered to help out, and even knew of a good spot for the business – directly across from the ASU Art Museum in Tempe. Since opening, we’ve been able to add pastries, coffee, tea and a small espresso machine, as well as Coca-Cola and Red Bull products to the menu. Every day, as we operate the business, we come up with new ideas that we hope we can incorporate at Flavor in order to keep it growing and thriving within the Tempe/ASU community.

Important business milestones: Making it for one year. It was a great relief. We learned a lot of lessons and took immense satisfaction when we made the one-year mark. We now have an idea of what to expect throughout the year. Our focus will continue to be serving the local Tempe and ASU community, offering our customers their unique Flavor of ice cream, coffee and beverages. It’s been such an experience getting to know the neighbors and creating strong friendships with them; getting their feedback and an open-armed welcome has been so rewarding.

Next business goal: Flavor started small and continues to grow – slowly but, thankfully, still growing. For our next big step, my wish is to add an oven in the shop so that we can start providing fresh-baked cookies, cakes, pastries and breads on site. There really is no substitute for that sweet aroma that comes from baking and I want the shop to constantly have a scent that people can directly associate with the Flavor.

Best business advice you have received: “It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon – best to pace yourself.”

More information at: Facebook.com/FlavorOnMill; also on Twitter and Instagram @FlavorOnMill 

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