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The best at what he does

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Photo Courtesy of Edgar Galvan

Elevator pitch: I’m a professional and trained hairstylist. We do personalized hairstyle cuts and color that make you more you and make you feel good about being yourself. 

Founded: It’s been in business for nine years now; I took ownership in 2009.

Employees: I have four, but most times I feel like I have over 20. I say that because there is so much to do, but just my team of four gets it all done.

Company you admire: Vidal Sassoon, because they have the best techniques on hairstyles and color. 

Three criterion of a successful entrepreneur: Hard working, able to set and achieve goals and, most important, love what you do.

Inspiring book: The Bible, because it has helped me with the good and the bad in my life.

Best advice: Be the best at what you do.

Favorite aspect of owning a small business: You get to be flexible with your overall schedule and the best part is you get to take vacation time when you feel you need it.

Important business milestone: When I was in high school, I was the one chosen to represent my school for a competition for cosmetology – it was held for all cosmetology schools in the Phoenix area. I always made sure I joined the competition and every time I would compete, I would win first place. I soon realized that I was the best at what I did, at least in the Phoenix area.

If you could do it all over again … I would have started my business at a younger age.

Advice to others wanting to open their own business: Always follow your heart and make decisions that are the best to you, even if no one else understands them. After all, you’re the entrepreneur.

Plans for the future: Continue my business, but eventually go back to school to further my education.

Most challenging aspect of being a small business owner: Separating my business life from my personal life. It can be a challenge to try to keep a balance between the two of them.  

Vanidades Salon
1802 N. 32nd Street 
Phoenix, AZ 85008

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