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Salon flies on high ideals

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Photos by Fer Vega, courtesy of VOLR Salon

Career highlights: Studied cosmetology at the Carsten Institute, an Aveda concept school; attended advanced training at the Bumble & Bumble University in New York and certified as a Framesi colorist and educator; launched and became sole owner of Volr Salon in 2009.

What makes your business great? I am a hair stylist and a master at the craft of hair sculpture, color and design. My business is great because I am committed to the advancement of my profession and the continuing development of my staff. My leadership skills are well known in this industry, and I am vested in ensuring that each and every one of my stylists at Volr Salon is continually striving to further their education and honing their technical skills. We work together to see that every salon client enjoys consistent care and leaves looking their best with the feeling that they can fly. 

Important business milestones: Celebrating over 13 years in this industry is a milestone in itself. However, the creation and development of my business has been, and continues to be, a work in progress, one that adapts to the needs of the community, assimilates the whims of fashion and remains true to the highest degree of perfection, so that our clients are always satisfied. Remaining committed to these ideals constitutes a daily milestone that I am very proud of achieving. 

Business goals for 2013: To continue to serve our clients by providing the best hair services in the state, and to remain committed to the development and growth of downtown Phoenix. Also, it is my goal to continue to train and develop the best staff and stylists in the industry so that, with their help, I can expand the business and brand and venture into international markets.

Best business advice you have received: Never follow the dollar; follow your passion and remain true to your craft.

If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently? I would have become a mentor to budding stylists much earlier in my career, because I get great personal satisfaction in teaching others what I’ve learned and take pride in seeing young stylists develop, grow and become the best they can be.

Website: volrsalon.com  

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