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Elevator pitch: Miranda’s Creatives is a media production company. We bring our clients’ products and services to life with quality and affordable video productions that deliver results. For parties and corporate events, we offer a “Red Carpet Extravaganza” and paparazzi services to provide our clients with the look and feel of Hollywood.

Education: Bachelor’s in Business, Master’s in Education, Guthrie Job Corps Graduate, IBI Graduate and Landmark Graduate.

What prompted you to start your own business? As a disabled Navy veteran, I wanted to pay it forward by becoming a mentor to those who were being challenged by everyday life struggles, providing on-the-job training for those unemployed or underemployed, and inspiring them not to give up. It would have been easy to let insecurity, hard knocks and past life experiences defeat me. I went from a ward of the state to serving in the Navy; then I made a choice to earn a master’s degree and be the creator of my own destiny and formed Miranda’s Creatives, LLC.

How do you remain competitive? We help those who are camera shy or tongue tied to send their message. By providing a step-by-step system of script writing, wardrobe, make-up artistry, green-screen virtual sets, teleprompter and staging, we make our clients shine. Our director, Carrie Brooks, worked for over 15 years with local TV. We make commercial flair affordable.

Most challenging aspect of being a business owner: No paid holidays, and the buck stops – here!

Best advice you received: “Pay it forward” and “Just because you are disabled does not mean you are dead.”

If you could do it all over again, what you would do differently? Invest more capital in software and hardware from the beginning, instead of trying to use personal laptops. Try rendering HD videos on a laptop!

Company you admire most: Mike Madden’s Cookies In Bloom and Hannah’s Caramel Apples in Phoenix. Not only does Mike deliver a superb product as a franchisee, he recreated himself with his caramel business. He is always smiling, friendly, and a great philanthropist.

An experience that has inspired you: The College Board CLEP – when I was a single parent, on welfare, and earning my first degree, I learned from this program that there is not just one way of doing things. Research, ask questions, challenge the system and know when to step out of your own way.

Advice to others about starting a business: Find someone to emulate. Ask for help. Start with a business plan, no matter how simple, and keep striving for your dream. Someone needs what you have to offer. Don’t give up. Appreciate your support system. And most of all … have fun!

Website: AnitaMiranda.com

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