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Photo by Ryan Nicholson, Ryno Photography

Elevator pitch: I am an independent artist and have worked in a variety of areas during the past 25 years. I am a composer (film, TV, commercials, artists); a voice-over talent mainly for the Hispanic market; a translator; a producer (music and advertising), and a consultant (for music projects and advertising campaigns).

Résumé highlights: Soundtrack for the movie “Welcome Maria,” produced by Mario Moreno aka Cantinflas – 1985; soundtrack for the movie “Shadow Trap” for HBO – 1987; theme for Jack Cousteau’s pilot “Planet Water” – 1989; No. 1 gospel song in five Latin American countries, “Venid A Mí” – 1992; soundtrack for the ballet “A Princess Song” – 1996; second place at the 2000 John Lennon International Songwriting Contest with “Voçê,” a bossa nova in Portuguese; production of contemporary classical piano album “Tales from the Piano” – 2005; second place at the 2010 John Lennon International Songwriting Contest with “Noite de Luar,” another bossa nova in Portuguese; three Addys for TV commercials with original jingles; over 5,000 voice-overs for the Hispanic advertising market.

Education: Minor in hydrobiology at the University of Xochimilco, Mexico City, Mexico; arts and music studies at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts in Minnesota; music studies at the Mexico City Conservatory; at Moorpark College, Calif., and Cal State Northridge, Calif.; advertising and voice-over talent studies at Ideas Institute in Los Angeles.

Inspirational book: Don Quixote de la Mancha by Miguel de Cervantes.

Company you admire most: Walt Disney, because they have overcome everything to make their creative dreams a reality.

Historical figure you would like to meet: Leonardo da Vinci.

Best advice you have received: There is always something new to learn, no matter who you learn it from or how old they are.

Important business milestone: First movie score for “Welcome Maria,” for actor/producer Mario Moreno, aka Cantinflas, and his son and producer Mario Arturo Moreno in 1985.

Plans for the future: Broaden my music and voice-over talent horizons internationally.

Most challenging aspect of being a business owner: Staying in business.

To read about – and hear – Miguel, visit mindsofmine.com

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