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Photo by Lamp Left Media

Photo by Lamp Left Media

Founded: 2009

Career highlights: My husband, JR, and I both come from a long background in marketing and public relations. After having worked with a variety of industry-related firms here in the Valley, we felt it was time to start investing in ourselves and in our future. And, so, Cardenas Marketing was born. I mention my husband because the business was as much a joint effort back then as it is now; Cardenas Marketing is definitely synonymous with Erica and JR Cardenas, and I feel that all who know us, or who have worked with us, would agree!

What prompted you to compete in the Mrs. Arizona America Pageant? I honestly believe that we all have an obligation in this lifetime that goes well beyond ourselves. We all have a story to tell and a voice to be heard. My goal is to earn the title of Mrs. Arizona America 2013 and share the “crown” with ALL girls and women. We need to lift each other up, support one another and, above all, inspire one another! I became a mother at 16 years old. I immediately was placed in a category, and became a statistic of failure. Like many teen moms, I endured many obstacles along the way, but I persevered, finished college, and did everything in my power to work toward my goals and dreams. I feel it’s my obligation to share my story with other young women because we all have it in us to do amazing things. We just sometimes need that gentle reminder to believe in ourselves.

Elevator pitch: Cardenas Marketing is a full-service, multicultural marketing, advertising and PR firm based in Phoenix. We enjoy creating strategic communications platforms for our clients that are unique, memorable and culturally relevant to the marketplace. Bottom line – we thrive on creating positive, brand-exposure experiences and opportunities for our clients in English y en español también!

Next business goal: Cardenas Marketing is a small firm and, honestly, we have no intention of growing into a 20-person firm any time soon. However, we most definitely are looking to expand our client roster in 2013. I’m proud to say that we have earned a reputation in the community for being a solid Hispanic marketing/PR firm that goes above and beyond client expectations. I have a great feeling that our hard work will continue to pay off and that this year is going to be exceptional! 

Best business advice you have received: One piece of advice that I’ve always carried with me is that business is absolutely based on relationships. Since we started the business, most of our client work has been based on the relationships we’ve made along the way. Nurturing and growing the business contacts and relationships you have will always open doors down the road. 

Company website: cardenasmarketing.com; also look for us on facebook.com/cardenasmktg and twitter.com/cardenasmktg  

Erica Cardenas is a regular contributor to Latino Perspectives Magazine and will compete in the 2013 Mrs. Arizona America Pageant that will take place April 5-6 at the Tempe Center for the Arts.

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