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Better than safety pins

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Founded: 2010

Elevator pitch: Have you ever used a safety pin to secure your clothing? Well, so have I. Fasheners was inspired by my personal battles with wardrobe malfunctions. Although a quick solution, safety pins project an unpolished look, especially while working in the corporate office environment. Looking for a more fashionable way to secure my clothes, I created a new fashion fix-it accessory called Fasheners by Classy Chica. Featuring embellished industrial strength magnets and pins, Fasheners provide an easy and stylish way to fasten your fashion with style. You will be able to tailor your clothing to fit your body shape and cleverly conceal peaking undergarments at a very modest cost. 

What prompted you to start your own business? My love of fashion, inspired by my abuela Magdalena. I know she would be extremely proud that I took the idea of custom tailoring to a different level with my Fasheners. They enable women of all shapes and sizes to have the ability to custom tailor their clothing without spending a lot of money on expensive alteration fees. 

In one word, your life as an entrepreneur: Grateful.

Company you admire: Nordstrom, Inc., because they are devoted to offering their customers exceptional service, selection, quality and value, all things I aspire my business to be.

Three steps to be a successful entrepreneur: 1) Pay it forward. Whether it’s time as a volunteer, gift-in-kind donations or monetary donations, make it a point to find a charity that you can support. A portion of my proceeds goes to Dress for Success in Phoenix. 2) Never be afraid to ask for feedback. In order to grow, you need to be open-minded and invite others to share their opinions. 3) Network and collaborate. Not only does this provide exposure to your business, but it also enables you to support others trying to succeed in growing their businesses as well.

Important business milestone: Every day is a new milestone. I have successfully worked through the process to establish Fasheners as a registered trademark. 

If you could do it all over again, what you would do differently? I would have embraced the potential of social media at the inception of my business. 

Advice to other aspiring entrepreneurs: Be diligent, be patient and be YOU.

Your vision: Making Fasheners a household name, like the safety pin. 

Company info and website: fasheners.com and facebook.com/Fasheners  

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