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Is your phone business-ready?

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And for all you avid Droid users out there, we have some application suggestions just for you.

Scenario: You’re out and about with a colleague, and stored on his or her phone is the information you need for your next appointment. Well, give that coworker a polite “bump” and get the information you need. The Bump application does just that. It allows for instant transfer between phones, and your coworker doesn’t even have to have an Android.

Bump allows users to send contact information, photos and other objects to other phones. You simply pick what you want to send, hold your phones up and gently bump hands with another Bump user. A newer option of the application even allows two people to bump and become Facebook friends. This Droid and iPhone app, believe it or not, can actually be downloaded at no cost; yes, free.

To keep you on track throughout your busy day, try Astrid, an interactive task list for the Android. You make the list, and Astrid becomes the timekeeper to ensure that you do just as you planned for the day. With well-worded reminders, this assistant will be there to keep you on track. What’s even better is this Droid app is free.

FREE apps for the business-minded

FedEx Mobile for iPhone or BlackBerry provides up-to-date shipment tracking information and allows you to create shipping labels while you’re onsite with a client; access your address book; sign up for shipment notifications and much more.

What if your Android tends to get buried in an abyss of paperwork on those busy days, and you can’t locate it because it’s on silent? The Where’s My Droid app gives you the ability to override your phone, max out the sound and let it ring. In addition, it’s capable of generating GPS coordinates of your phone’s location.

Beyond411 gives the BlackBerry user a fast way to look up business listings, driving directions and white pages. It also works with BlackBerry’s GPS, giving you exact details of various locations.

Whether you are an investor with an iPhone or a BlackBerry user interested in the day’s business news, you can carry around the Wall Street Journal in the palm of your hand with WSJ Mobile Reader.

If you tend to have lots of coffee meetings and you carry a BlackBerry, then Caffeine Finder lets you find the nearest cup of joe from more than 45,000 locations across the country. The app also features a directional map and addresses of the coffee shops and cafés.

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