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Is your phone business-ready?

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If you travel on business and get reimbursed by your employer, or you incur project-related expenses and get reimbursed by your clients, the BizExpense app may be just the answer for tracking and organizing business expenses, hence the app name. There is a “lite” version of the app available free; the full version runs $4.99 a year.

An iPhone app worth mentioning is Fuze Meeting. This app is known for “bringing the office to your iPhone,” allowing for mobile online meetings in high resolution. Fuze Meeting enables you to host and attend web conferences, view multimedia content in real time and chat with co-workers – all from your phone. You can start a meeting, dial people in and mute specific meeting participants. You can also use your Fuze Meeting account from your Mac or PC.

Fuze Meeting offers four levels of accounts, three paid and one free version. The free account allows for up to three web attendees and seven audio attendees, as well as an unlimited amount of meetings.

Apps that fuel business

Let’s jump over to BlackBerry World. Here’s a scenario: You’re rushing in between business meetings and need to take some files on the road with you. Actually, let’s take it a step further – you’re already on the road and want to print an email message from your BlackBerry.

With the WiFi File Transfer app, a business professional can instantly send files from his or her BlackBerry to a computer, computer to BlackBerry, or BlackBerry to printer – with nothing more than a shared Wi-Fi network. This app is very affordable at $4.99 a year.

Now, we’re all very familiar with Facebook, which continues to be a destination for business professionals looking to establish a brand presence. The application is available for download on all smartphone platforms, and if you’re considering or already promote your business or services on Facebook, you’ll most likely find it a necessity to have this application accessible to you on the go.

Xavier Brizar, manager for Biddulph Mazda in Peoria, says the BlackBerry Facebook application has helped his team on many levels.

“Our average advertising budget to promote an event is around $25,000, spread out among traditional TV, radio and print,” explains the 39-year-old. “Our Facebook advertising cost to promote an event was $1,300, and we sold 21 cars within a weekend related to that one Facebook promotion.”

Brizar adds that he regularly manages his Facebook business activity via his handheld and says, “The savings and reach of new customers has made Facebook [an essential] application to have on the BlackBerry.”

Dozens, maybe even hundreds of messages come through our inboxes every day, and we’ve all done it – the flipping back and forth to your calendar to create appointments while reading your email on your phone. Or, say you get email and need to save contact information from that message. The most logical thing would be to write down the information, right?

With the Copy2Contact app, you can save contact information from any source of plain text, such as an email signature or SMS message, to your BlackBerry address book, or you can put new events on your BlackBerry calendar from messages such as “Coffee meeting at 9 a.m. tomorrow” with one click of a shortcut key. Pricing is $9.99 per year and includes free updates and technical support. Copy2Contact also works with iPhones.

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