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Drive to succeed

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Marco Camacho: “My father’s drive to succeed and my mother’s support has fueled my success.”

From being recognized as one of the most influential Hispanics in the United States and acting in national television commercials, to overseeing 63 radio stations and serving as President/CEO for Hispanic Television Network, Marco Camacho has done it all.

And with a recent move to the Valley, this San Antonio native has no plans on slowing down anytime soon.

Recently named as chief marketing officer for knoodle, the full-service public relations and advertising agency in Phoenix, Camacho will be charged with overseeing marketing and strategy. He will also lead the agency into industries, including local and national broadcast media outlets.

And this broadcast vet holds a professional portfolio to back up his newest mission.

Camacho began his broadcast career in San Antonio in 1983, eventually managing radio stations and networks for Westinghouse Broadcasting, CBS Radio, Cumulus Media and Metro Networks. His television experience includes Telemundo, where he was vice president and general manager, and Hispanic Television Network, of which he was co-founder, president and CEO.

Camacho says that he learned to have a drive for success at a young age.

“It’s due to the pride and strength we learned as children that I’m where I’m at today,” he says. “My father’s drive to succeed and my mother’s support has fueled my success.”

Camacho and his three siblings had big shoes to fill. Their father, Cesar, was a radio DJ for the first Spanish station in the U.S. He also acted in local soap operas and TV commercials, and hosted a children’s show.

Camacho was not only successful in filling those shoes, but says he also takes pride in the accomplishments of his siblings:

• Younger brother Omar serves as the executive president of Nickelodeon in L.A.;

• Older brother Cesar developed a memory medical wrist bracelet;

• And entrepreneurial younger sister Patricia owns a business.

During Camacho’s youth in San Antonio he got a chance to serve as a ball boy for the San Antonio Spurs. The young track athlete also scored a scholarship to attend the University of Texas at San Antonio.

But like his father, it was radio that would hold Camacho’s interest.

“My father was in radio for over 35 years…I decided to follow in his footsteps,” Camacho says. And it was in broadcasting where he would begin a seasoned career in the media industry, eventually leading him to other opportunities.

He arrived in Phoenix a year ago, managing stations with CBS Radio. Soon after, he was wooed by the Scottsdale-based knoodle agency. Camacho is optimistic about this latest career move.

“In radio terms, knoodle is definitely on the right frequency,” says Camacho. “I plan to take this talented group to the top. It’s a natural next step in my communications career, and an exciting time to be on board.”

Camacho’s notable recognition throughout the years supports the expertise he brings to the knoodle team.

He’s been named one of the Top 10 television general managers in the U.S. by TV Business Confidential, as well as one of the best general managers in radio by Radio Ink Magazine.

Camacho says there is significance behind the agency’s name.

“Knoodle comes from ‘knoodling’ ideas around. It takes both sides of the brain to create the whole. This represents knoodle; we understand the creative side as well as the business, analytical side.”

Above all, Camacho says his cultural background has played a significant role in his personal and professional life.

“Both of my parents are from Monterrey, Mexico, so I was able to get the best of both worlds at a very early age,” he says. “My Hispanic culture has allowed me to look at all things from a different perspective without ever having to leave the country.”

Q&A with Marco Camacho

Marketing and strategy knoodle

Favorite superhero of choice: “If I could be a superhero for the day I would choose Superman….He is able to help others in a single bound, still has vulnerability that can affect him.”

Favorite hobbies: “Acting…I’ve done several radio commercials and I just recently shot my first TV commercial here in Phoenix for KOOL-FM.”

Favorite foods: “My Favorite food hands down is my mom’s chiles rellenos!”

Favorite movie: “The first Indiana Jones…I love action, love a sense of humor and love irony in a movie.”

Favorite travel destination: “I love to travel…I enjoy visiting family in Mexico, and love Spain and Paris. I plan on traveling to Italy this year.”

Favorite musical groups: “My most favorite musical group in the entire world is the Beatles!”

Favorite historical person: “If I could meet one historical person that would be Emiliano Zapata. He had a basic sense of life and had a tremendous impact on people and on history. In Zapata’s own words, ‘I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees.’ “

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