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Tecate forging authentic brand identity with Latino men in U.S.

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Tecate and an advertising agency are ramping up old-school marketing with shrewd insights spotlighting Mexican men as hardworking Americans and targeting consumers as brand managers who own, market and influence a brand’s success. Those were some of the insights revealed recently during a case study presentation showcasing Tecate’s marketing approach at the 5th Annual Voz Latina Hispanic Marketing Conference in Miami.

“For too many marketers, cultural relevancy has overshadowed their main objective,” says Manuel Wernicky, president and managing partner of ad agency Adrenalina. “What’s getting lost in all of the ‘iconic’ imagery that some believe must be inserted in every Hispanic marketing campaign – including a dark-skinned, mustached sombrero-wearing Latino with his family, Mexican flag, a piñata and a Mariachi group – is the brand.”

Eschewing the conventional, the Tecate-Adrenalina team is driving home the beer’s own ground-breaking move: Mounting a national creative campaign that connects emotionally with Mexican immigrants who see their lives and hardships honestly portrayed as hardworking and even heroic via TV, radio and out-of-home.

Tecate made news last year when the Mexican beer crossed borders with the initial campaign aimed at celebrating and reaching Mexican men, or newcomer consumers, who come here to work and live better lives and previously made the brand the leading cerveza in Mexico, per the beer’s distributor Heineken USA.

Tecate last year broke onto the list of top imported beers to become the second leading brand sold in supermarket chains in the United States.

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