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Firing up the fired

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Image courtesy of Andrew Kilbride

A couple of years ago, Andrew Kilbride seemed to have everything going for him: a well-paying job with benefits, a loving wife, great kids and a pet pug named Lola. What more could he ask for? 

A job he actually loved, for one. 

Straight out of the college gates, Kilbride made the mistake of taking the first decent job offer with good pay and benefits, even though working in broadcasting and sports media was his dream. He took the easy route and started a pattern of unfulfilling work and a string of firings until his last job in 2009. 

It was in finally seeing his career pattern that Kilbride realized it was time to look at his life and figure out why a guy like him wasn’t finding satisfaction in his work. What was he doing wrong? Why would he feel excited and passionate at first, only to lose interest once he’d been at a job for so many months? (Does this sound familiar?)

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After a period of soul searching and bookstore trolling, Kilbride knew what he had to do: write a book about getting fired.  Nothing on the shelves addressed a man’s experience of being fired and the uncertainty that comes with it, not to mention the havoc it wreaks on his ego. Sure, plenty of books have been published on how to find a job or “paths to success,” but not how to get through losing a job and moving forward.

Kilbride’s A Man’s Guide to Getting Fired is exactly that: a compassionate buddy in the form of a book, there to help readers get through the crush of being fired as they figure out their next move.

The book is mostly geared toward men, but could easily apply to women in the same situation. Kilbride’s voice rings through loud and clear; he makes no bones about using profanity or telling it like it is. Words like kickass, screwed and bullshit are sprinkled in amidst advice and humorous anecdotes; he even quotes The Big Lebowski (“You’re out of your element, Donnie!”). 

Male bonding aside, Kilbride has a message: “Embrace the firing, find clarity and pursue [your] life’s work.” A Man’s Guide to Getting Fired is meant to reveal a process toward disconnecting from the termination, reflecting on it and moving on to a life of passion and dignity. 

And what’s Kilbride’s passion now? He loves to connect smart people with great ideas to those with money to make those great ideas come to fruition. He is the founder of Foster Bridge Partners, LLC, a management and consulting firm in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 

A Man’s Guide to Getting Fired is available on amazon.com. Read more about it at andrewkilbride.com.

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