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Calling women in business

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The U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce (USWCC) calls itself “a new breed” of organization focused on economic development. It claims to be “free of the outside influence and target marketing of large corporate sponsorships and political parties.”  Now that’s refreshing.

The USWCC released a report called The Women-Led Economy and wants to spread the word about it. Unlike the recent Harvard Business Review report, “The Female Economy,” which views women as mere consumers, the USCWCC report positions women as market leaders and not just family breadwinners and employees – or shoppers.

The USWCC is working to harness women’s financial power for the betterment of women in business. The idea is to support women-owned businesses, provide training and access to tools and resources to drive business, career and financial growth, and last but not least, to elevate women’s authority within regional and national economic development communities.

In accord with the report was the July 2010 launch of The Women-Led Economy monthly e-magazine and an online community called the USWCC|Global Women’s Marketplace. Through these venues, the USWCC continues to explore the way women are changing business and the global marketplace. Read more at womenledeconomy.com or uswcc.org.

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