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We love our mobile phones

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In what may be a surprise to everybody except Latinos, a marketing firm reported last month that Latinos are more likely than non-Latinos to use smartphones and tablet computers. Also, they are more likely than whites to use mobile devices to access the Internet.

eMarketer, the firm that commissioned the survey, found that more than 50 percent of Latinos use smartphones and 19 percent own tablets. The firm attributed Latinos’ propensity to use smartphones and tablets to the group’s young demographic. 

The survey results contrast with other studies that showed Latino families as less likely than the general population to own a computer in their home or to have internet access at home. The findings suggests that Latinos are foregoing heavier, clunkier and less mobile options for smartphones and tablets. 

In fact, Latinos are expected to spend $17.6 billion on mobile technology devices this year and another $500 million on mobile applications, the eMarketer reports.

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