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Happy Birthday, iPhone

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Those of us who grew up without cell phones, TV-on-demand, computers, iPads, and the like, may get nostalgic from time to time about the good old days. But, let’s face it, life without a smartphone and the Internet would be a lot more inconvenient, especially from a business perspective.

So, with that in mind, we doff our hats and salute the iPhone, which celebrated its fifth birthday in June.

Over the past five years, the iPhone has quickly moved to a position of dominance in the smartphone market. When the iPhone was first introduced, Nokia had 50 percent of the market for cell phones and BlackBerry maker, Research in Motion, was in second place with 10 percent of the market.

Today, Apple accounts for 73 percent of the global profits from handsets, with Samsung and everyone else battling for what’s left.

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