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Sotomayor’s obstacle course

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The Justice’s autobiography released earlier this year

The Justice’s autobiography released earlier this year

In the many interviews U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor has given lately to promote her new autobiography, My Beloved World, she exudes an engaging down-to-earth quality. In fact, she often asserts in these interviews that one of the main reasons for telling her story was to convince  others that personal disadvantages need not be insurmountable obstacles to success. And, if there is anything that defined Sotomayor’s early life, it was the multitude of obstacles that would seem to make her rise to eminence highly improbable – poverty, dysfunctional parents, chronic illness, lack of English proficiency, gender and ethnic discrimination. Though acceptance and forgiveness are strong themes in her narrative, the will to prevail underscores all the elements of her life story. While it may be difficult to agree with her claim that she is just an ordinary person, Sotomayor’s story certainly proves that truly heroic behavior is evinced in dealing with the everyday inequities, misfortunes and uncertainties that characterize any life. 

Mi mundo adorado, the Spanish-language hardcover edition of My Beloved World, was released simultaneously with the English edition on January 15. List price is $27.95, but many booksellers are offering it for less.(ISBN 978-0-307-59488-4; 336 pages). The work is also available as a CD audi0book (approx. $25) and as a Kindle download ($12.99).  

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