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Selena! Selena!

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Adidas-selena-gomez-32789074-1179-1766Selena Gomez has definitely made the transition from child-star to grown-up superstar and all the media scrutiny that goes with it. Her leading role in R-rated Spring Breakers, released earlier this year, has her swimming in sex and sin – a rapid reversal of her Disney demeanor.

Controversy also followed her MTV Movie Awards appearance on April 14 during the first performance of her new single, Come and Get It. The choice of a Bollywood look, including a bindi on her forehead and vaguely Middle Eastern dance moves, was considered “culturally insensitive” by not a few viewers. Such is the price of fame.

The “new,” daring Selena is scheduled to begin her Stars Dance World Tour in October, which will feature extravagant musical numbers channeling the iconic spirits of Britney Spears and Janet Jackson.  

Fans should buy tickets early; the Tour has just a one-night stop in Phoenix on November 5 at the U.S. Airways Center. Tickets are $64.25.

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