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One immigrant’s story

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gael_premiere_cannes-2A new documentary, Who is Dayani Cristal?, is scheduled for general release this year, following its January debut at the Sundance Film Festival as one of 22 films in the World Cinema Documentary category. In its reconstructed dramatic sequences, an immigrant’s true-life story is revealed, piece by piece, after the discovery of a decomposing body in the Sonoran Desert by border police. Initially, the only clue to the man’s identity is an enigmatic tattoo. 

The film was directed by Marc Silver, an artist dedicated to producing works of “social-impact,” and features Mexican actor Gael García Bernal (Amores Perros, Y Tu Mamá También, The Motorcycle Diaries), also one of the film’s producers. 

The making of Who is Dayani Cristal? was supported by grants from the Sundance Institute, which is dedicated to advancing “risk-taking” cinema. 

See more at pulsefilms.com/work/who-is-dayani-cristal

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