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New Gerber bebé reflects America’s future

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Mary Jane Montoya, the new face of babyfood

Mary Jane Montoya, the new face of babyfood

The changing face of America’s iconic Gerber baby food brand gurgles, giggles and is Latina. 

Gerber recently announced that eight-month-old Mary Jane Montoya of Fresno, California, is the new Gerber baby products advertising image. 

Mary Jane is only the second baby face in Gerber’s 85-year history. This little Latina will toddle in the footsteps of Ann Turner Cook, now 85, whose cherubic baby cara now graces Gerber’s product labels. 

However, Turner Cook is not yet ready to retire as Gerber’s ad representative. Mary Jane’s face won’t replace Ann’s on all the brand’s packaging, but instead will be the new image on the company’s 2013 “Start Healthy, Stay Healthy Nutrition System” ad campaign. 

Sara Montoya, the tyke’s proud mami, was thrilled her bebé was selected from 308,000 infant cuties whose photos were entered into the 2012 Gerber Generation Photo Search on the corporation’s Facebook page. The campaign also generated 2.5 million new “likes.”   

“Our baby looks just like the Gerber baby, but we still can’t believe the photo of our baby won the Grand Prize!” Sara said in a press release. “Like parents everywhere, we think our baby is cute, but to have this honor is something we’ll cherish forever. To us, winning $50,000 is like winning a million dollars!”

The prize money will be saved for Mary Jane’s college fund, mom said. 

From a marketing standpoint, Gerber’s campaign winner reflects the changing demographics of America. Latinos are predicted to be the majority minority population in the United States by 2050. New generations of U.S. niños y niñas will likely be raised on Gerber products.   

“Gerber past” met “Gerber future” on the Today show in November. Anna Turner Cook was introduced to Mary Jane Montoya before millions of TV viewers. “She is just adorable, and she is a delightful little person,” said the elder brand model of the new baby ad ambassador. Mary Jane just beamed the winning smile that earned her newly found fame.

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