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Mealtime matters

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In study after study, the beneficial impact of family mealtime has been demonstrated for children of all ages. 

Better grades, healthier eating habits, and closer relationships to parents and siblings are just a few of these benefits. 

According to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, families can maximize their time together at the dinner table and encourage family meals by using the following strategies:

Get your kids involved before the meal even starts. Enlist their help in grocery shopping, cooking the meal, preparing the table, etc.

Once mealtime starts, take advantage of the time together. This means talking about everyone’s day and making sure no electronic devices are at the table. 

Make the most of the time. Ask specific questions to learn more about your children’s friends, their school experiences and how they’re doing.

Mealtime should be a time of sharing, encouraging and laughing. Foster a warm and welcoming environment at the dinner table. 

Set a goal of how many dinners you’ll eat together as a family each week, and try and stick to that goal. If the family isn’t used to gathering and chatting, it might take time to adjust to the new routine. 

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